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wrap up. >> matt, what is america's longest war? >> well, it is not iraq. it is not afghanistan. it is the name of a new documentary that we just finished, just saw a few days ago about the drug war. it is an awesome one. look out for it. >> excellent, nice. lori, how do you plan on surviving the snowstorm? >> hunkering down and taking it easy. kind of excited.
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>> i'm in. thank you for the invitation. >> come on up to west chester. >> what's the street address again? >> actually if you look on the gun map you will find it. >> on second thought i have plans. >> that would be fun. we can have a pow wow. and it can be during daytime hours so i am not half asleep. >> sherrod, do you have a new show on the travel channel? >> yes, i will go and find a pilot. i am also in a war against drugs. i am fighting for the enemy. igh . >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the president and first lady are kind of like the mom and dad of the country and when your dad says something, you listen. >> he's unbelievable, (bleep) unbelievable. >> a turn around for chris
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rock supporting gun control and so is singer tony bennett. how much do these guys know? we'll have a special report. >> who the hell died and named karl rove a queen for a day. >> mr. rove under fire from someone on the right and how he feels about that. >> smaller government less to worry about. but big everywhere else. >> of course. >> and jessie waters with waters world, the question, is the man overexposed. >> what's your favorite part of the factor. >> jessie waters. >> surprise, surprise, surprise. >> caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, you'll bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the debate over guns ramps up. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there's a group called mayors
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against illegal guns founded by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. yesterday they went to washington to make a stricter gun controllings. they want background checks for every gun sold in america and federalize a few guns, but not many. in order to get attention for their cause the mayor groups need high powered, pardon the pun, folks to back them up. enter a few celebrities, chris rock. >> i'm just here to support the president of the united states. the president of the united states is, you know, our boss, but he's also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. >> wow, so mr. rock is supporter tighter gun control because that's what president obama and mrs. obama want. and mr. rock, above all, wants
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to be respectful to the presidency. quite a change. >> bush is unbelievable, man. this guy's (bleep) unbelievable. he ain't the worst president of the united states. he's the worst president of presidents, worst pta president, president of block association, president of major league baseball. worldwide wrestling federation, the worst president ever. >> so summing up, mr. obama is is the good dad and mr. bush the bad dad. and mr. tony bennett wants stricter gun control. >> i just believe that assault weapons, they were invented for war, they shouldn't be on our streets here. it's -- it's the kind of thing that happened to the great country of germany when nazis came over and created tragic things and they had to be told
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off. >> well, a few things mr. bennett might want to consider. the nazis were not told off, they were defeated by brave men armed with guns. also, the nazis took most guns away from civilians. both german and those under occupation, in fact, hitler exposed the strictest gun control on earth. and mr. bennett, the only reason the nazis didn't get further in their quest for world domination, folks in the balkans, france, occupied countries hid weapons and did used them against the nazis. those people were called partisans. now, we asked tony bennett and chris rock on the factor. they declined. i think we all know why. so this is just dopey. we need intelligent debate on the gun situation not ridiculous posturing. and talking voices indicated that gun registration is needed and all gun crimes should be penalized.
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trotting out vacvacuous, the wod of the day. >> and from the law center to prevent gun violence. >> i think that groups like the mayors' group and were you in washington so you saw this dog and pony show, this hurts your cause, this hurts your cause. because you need persuasion. you need to persuade most americans that tighter gun control is necessary and trotting out chris rock and tony bennett, i'm telling you, you couldn't get two worst guys to persuade anybody. >> well, i'm going to disagree with you a little bit there, bill. you know, first of all, the press conference which i spoke at included a lot more people than just chris rock and tony bennett. there were survivors, there was faith leaders. >> who gets the face time though, who gets the attention? >> well, as far as the media goes, you know, that's not up to me, but as far as the press
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conference itself went, we had a the lot of interesting people with different perspectives up there. >> surely you're seeing my the mass media reaches the folks. these are the people that you guys bring in to represent yourself to the mass media knowing they'll get on entertainment tonight, they will he' get on the factor, they'll get on the other programs. they come off as misinformed, uninformed, let's be charitable, all right? it doesn't help you guys. >> well, i mean, i think chris rock's point, if you can get past, you know, whether you agree with how he presented it or not, was that we support the president and the president has come out with strong leadership on how he believes, and some suggestions that he has made on how we might be able to address this issue in a comprehensive way. >> it's not enough to just say we support the president if air chris rock, because we all know that, we know he's a fan of mr. obama. what rock should have said if he could possibly put the
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words together and i don't believe he could, was you know what? this is why i feel that president obama's correct. and this is the america that i would like to see. and articulate some points, but he can't or won't do that and he comes across as a partisan buffoon. >> well, he can do that, i've heard him do that. >> he didn't do it yesterday. >> and i understand this issue-- this was a press conference. >> the opportunity to do it on this program and he wouldn't come on. >> well, you know, his reasons for that, i'm sure, you know, you probably understand, but going back a second to the press conference yesterday, you know, a lot of people spoke there and they made some really interesting points, now, amanda peete was there and she talked about funding for research on this issue and the importance of putting more money into funding this issue so we have better data on what works. >> we don't have anymore money here, now that, we can't be-- look, you and i are not far apart on this issue. >> i agree. >> i mean, i want the government to have control over gun violence.
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i mean, i certainly want that and i think 90% of americans want it, too, including many of the n.r.a. members, it's how you go about taking guns away from law abiding people, not going to solve the problem. federalizing all gun crimes with mandatory minimum ten year sentences for people who violate, that will solve your problem at least partially and never stop the nuts. i'll give you the last word. >> well, i would just like to say that taking guns away from law-abiding people is not an issue because we have a second amendment and-- >> and what it's all about. >> well, the assault rifle deal is something we need to talk about. as i said initially it'd be great to know more how that might impact. after newtown, it's amazing if we don't at least have a conversation whether he we need all the weapons out here. >> that's what this-- >> absolutely. >> and impact that they cause is profound. >> that's what this program is here for. >> is that the only thing we should do? no way. >> that's what this program is here for, why you're appearing, but rock and
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bennett and all of these people won't appear because they simply don't know you have so i'm suggesting to you, i'm sure there are or people who feel the way you do who are famous, find them. thanks for coming on. next on the rundown. another celebrity getting involved with politics, ashley judd and karl rove's group is going after her. wait untitititititi
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>> and you may have heard actress ashley judd thinking about running for the senate in kentucky, a big abortion activists among other things and puts her against karl rove, recently the group crossroads put out this ad. >> you know what this country really needs an independent voice for obama. >> i am committed to president obama and vice-president biden. i think he's a brilliant man. 's now able to flower more as
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the president i knew he could be. >> as someone who shares our values. >> and-- someone from out of state who understands us hillbillies. >> i don't know a lot of hillbillies, hillbillies. >> her own grandmother says she's a hollywood liberal, but isn't that what what we need? ashley judd, an obama following radical while liberal. >> that doesn't sound good. and here from los angeles leslie marshal, also, a woman of the left (laughter) all right, leslie. i don't know why rove and his pals wasted the money, she hasn't declared and rove is coming up and i'll ask him. but the ad is basically another, almost what i said, these people celebrities, really don't know anything and why are we bothering and you say? >> oh, i say i'm living in
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california where arnold schwarzenegger won because he's a celebrity. some people would say in new york, that's why hillary clinton was voted into the senate. we've seen people in washington, sonny bono, gopher on the love boat and people love celebrity and name recogniti recognition, and there are people in kentucky not of the mind of mitch mcconnell. why is he worried, a, she hasn't announced she was running and b, i thought he was secure in his-- >> i don't know what karl will have to say about it and we should note at that ashley judd is not chris rock and tony bennett. she went to the kentucky school of government my alma mater, i almost flunked out i heard that she did well. so she's very smart, but she doesn't mix it up and won't come on the program and trying to have her on for years and she simply won't do it and i think that the strategy is, look, this woman's going to be able to get a lot of money, all right, because she's a
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celebrity. >> right. >> so the guys out in hollywood writing her checks and we want to kind of define her now before she gets any momentum, a small deal for rove and his crew, right? >> yes, a very smart strategy, but i think it's off the mark because she's not a vacuous hollywood elite-- >> you can portray her that way. >> most people in kentucky know that ashley judd is the biggest kentucky wildcats basketball fan probably on earth and she's connected to kentucky in a real way. she may live in tennessee now, but that doesn't mean if she moves back to kentucky and she would be able to-- >> i think she has bought something in kentucky and already, i think she's going to go here. all right, so, we'll all agree then that ashley judd is not chris rock and tony bennett and that the republicans have to be worried about her, i think. >> yeah. >> bill: i think they have to be worried and why he they took out the ad, leslie. come on, the ad was a smart play. >> yes, it was, but premature.
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my four-year-old daughter wants to be president. >> bill: premature for what. >> should i get her a press person right now to combat ad campaigns. she hasn't announced she's running. >> bill: if they can demonize her enough before she actually announces that's good for them and you know, leslie, i'm going to ask you a quick question, who are they taking their cue from here, who? >> i'm sure you're going to say it's my side, right, bill, my democratic liberal friends. >> bill: and at all, would you-- >> you know what, bill, what the ad doesn't say is really anything that any voter doesn't know. the people of kentucky are smarter nan that. certainly we democrats like or even love our president, agree with him, we have the same ideology and-- >> you know, the hillbilly thing and the-- so you wouldn't talk to rove stealing stuff from the obama campaign because they won
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because they demonized romney, didn't they? >> it's clear that republicans and karl rove's group are very concerned because mitch mcconnell is only polling at 47% and he's the incumbent. >> bill: they don't want to lose ole mitch. don't want to lose him. okay, leslie, last question for you on this, i don't want to belabor it, but my point was in the beginning of the program that using people like tony bennett and chris rock to support some kind of very serious situation like gun control is really dumb, is it not? >> yes and no. >> bill: yes and no, here we go. >> well, no, no, no, chris rock i didn't think was prepared, but then again, sometimes just the presence of a big celebrity can shed light on an issue. >> bill: shed light, all right. so chris rock wasn't prepared, but tony bennett, he was real prepared, wasn't he, leslie, tony-- >> tony bennett served our country in the warm in world war ii, an older man, cut him some slack, okay u i'm not cutting him anything.
1:19 am
he shows up, he opens his mouth, he's in the debate. i think it hurt him. >> that's how arnold became governor here. >> we're talking it because celebrities endorse this important issue. >> bill: he hurt your cause. >> no, you don't think he hurt had your cause? >> part of what you want getting done is to have people pay attention to it. >> bill: pay attention to it, there has got to be better people than that. thank you ladies, very much. we'll have karl rove later on the factor. and the big benghazi hearings today. and where few men have gone, and waters wanted more exposure and w w w w w
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>> in the weekend review from the angle today.
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the hearings today. panetta talking about the giant screw-up in benghazi, libya and brennan explaining the killer drone, does he want to be the next cia director. and let's talk benghazi first, did you learn anything? >> well, one thing that was interesting i thought from the panetta testimony is when general dempsey, he testified with leon panetta chairman of the joint chiefs and he said he was surprised when he was pressed that hillary clinton didn't read that all important august 15th cable, right, where chris stevens said, we aren't going to be able to repel and attack in benghazi with what we have. and he was pressed on that. are you surprised she didn't see he it, well, yeah, i was surprised. it looked like there was buck passing from panetta and dempsey to the state department because they said
1:24 am
people are wondering why we didn't have armed aircraft in the vicinity, well, we didn't have enough time, and essentially saying the state department didn't request it. so, it all seems like, you know, fingers are pointing in the other direction. >> bill: here is what i think. >> i didn't learn that much. >> bill: here is what i think happened so i don't want to do this anymore because nothing's going to happen. all right, nobody's going to be disciplined. nobody's going to be scolded or did anything. the ambassador over there, christopher stevens knew security was bad outside of tripoli, all right? the embassy where stevens lived was protected by marines, they had enough there, but he knew when he traveled in the country didn't have enough security. he told the state department that in writing. all right? what else could he do besides resign. hillary clinton didn't read the memos, that's how people delegate sometimes, they delegate. she didn't read it, didn't know it, wasn't paying
1:25 am
attention to it. >> panetta didn't know, department of defense is not paying attention, dempsey didn't know he's not paying attention. it goes down and the bottom line it is the state department didn't protect their guy it's their fault and that's that. >> and bill, the thing about this though is panetta and dempsey saying, and they well, we didn't -- we didn't have the time to deploy the aircraft. >> bill: they didn't. >> graham pushed them on it and mccain pushed them on it and i think at the end of this, when you think about how it all went down, it was 9/11 and they said there was 300, threats around the world, but this wasn't any old outpost, right? this was a place where the british had pulled out. we had seen a major incursions in that area, we had the front of the gate blown out already on that compound earlier in the year. so, they had lots of warning signs.
1:26 am
>> bill: they were watching egypt as you remember, egypt went up before. that's where the military was watching. not a backwater like benghazi. i don't blame the military here. all right, i've got to get on to brennan. all right, so brennan the architect of the drones, blowing people up all over the world. >> 700% increase-- 700% increase from george bush. >> bill: as we pointed out a hypocrisy how the media covers it, hysterical over the waterboarding, but nothing about drones strikes, but now-- i believe that the cia is doing what they should do to eliminate these al-qaeda people and protect not only american civilians, but the armed forces so we don't have to send seals in, send these in and blow these guys up. >> bill, well, we've had people like stanley mcchrystal, former general mcchrystal, the problem using
1:27 am
the drone strikes to the extent, 300 plus now, is that they actually cause an enormous amount of, you know, people are resentful overseas because of the collateral damage and obviously, there is collateral damage during war time and people know that. for obama, i'm going to get rid of gitmo, get rid of gitmo and outstretch our hand and you're going to unclench your fist and the world is a better place. mcchrystal says we've got to be careful, if that's one of obama's goals, new america, new approach, it's not bush, and especially when used against american citizens which we haven't talked about, this has all sorts of other repercussions in the middle east. >> bill: the consequences and they're going to hate us anyway. i support the drone program. >> do you support them against american citizens. >> bill: yeah, working with al-qaeda. blow the hell out of them. >> how about the standards imminent, the shifting definition of an imminent threats. >> bill: all right, next, i've got to run now, next week,
1:28 am
we'll discuss that. miss laura down in florida. and the factor moves along this evening and karl rove under attack by some right wing people and he'll be here to talk and jessie waters at a naturist resort talking politics. stay tuned for those reports.
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there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >> in the "are we crazy" segment tonight a disturbing study from the cincinnati children's hospital medical
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center, the author of the study says that 30% of the teenage girls that she surveyed reported meeting face-to-face with people they meet on the internet. that's obviously not a good situation. joining us now from san diego dr. bonnie forest, psychologist and an attorney and dr. walsh, also a psychologist. we'll begin with you, were you surprised by the study. >> yes, i was and decided to read it in detail. only 250 girls and half of them were in the department of children services radar because they'd undergone some abuse and all of them had a public profile on my space back in 2008 and that can be dangerous to be public so it's not -- it's hard to generalize to the entire population. >> bill: for those people who don't understand the internet aspect of it. when you have a public face on facebook or something else, that invites meetings with strangers, is that what you're saying? >> well, it means anyone, anywhere in the world can look
1:33 am
at your picture and everything you post. my daughter for instance is a teenager in that demographic, she has a private facebook page, if you search for her you can't find her and you have to ask to be the friend and i have to approve the friends. >> and we read about horrible crimes not only with children, but adults as well and meet up someplace in person and bad things happen so this is the danger and what they're talking about. i don't understand why teenagers want to do this when they have plenty of other kids they can meet face-to-face and evaluate them in real-time rather than on some machine. >> well, bill, that's the interesting part about the internet. it really facilitates interaction in a whole different way and what we've found in other studies about
1:34 am
this, most of these occurred, situations where they're meeting older men and majority 99% of them were men, happened in online chat rooms. it's much easier to chat with somebody online than to actually have a conversation face-to-face. >> bill: why is that? why is it easier to talk to somebody online than face-to-face or on the telephone? >> i think it's partially because social relationships and being social when you're a teen can be awkward. it's a skill that teens are learning, they're coming into their own identities and it's much easier to hide behind a computer or a machine and be a little anonymous. >> bill: do you agree with na, dr. walsh? >> i do. and you're confused how to pick up the phone, you have great communication skills and rather do it face-to-face. >> bill: i'd rather not talk to anybody, i'm anti-social. well, there's that, too. but these teens have lost those communication skills. >> bill: that's an interesting point, but when you're not
1:35 am
seeing the person, look, remember the notre dame guy with the phony girlfriend and i don't buy that story to this day, that he falls in love, you know, with nobody, he falls in love with a phantom who turned out to be some gay guy, and he thought was some woman. this to me is like bizarro world. now, this is a little speculative, but i think it's an interesting question. if we continue down this road, dr. forest with the younger americans are addicted to these machines and many are in a variety of different ways, what's going to happen, what is the unintended consequence of this? >> i'm totally with you on this, bill. i'm concerned how much people kids are spending on the internet and what it does, it doesn't teach them important socialization skills that they need not only to relate to each other and say hi and go out and have lunch. these are skills that people
1:36 am
need to hold jobs and these are how. >> make a living. >> the number one reason people get fired not because they're not smart enough, it's because they can't get along with other people and don't have the ability to do the interactions that wendy and i just talked about, really, really important skills and kids aren't learning it, because in fact i think because they're spending so much time on the internet. >> dr. walsh, 30 seconds, unintended consequences. >> the continued breakdown in the family and the glue in relationships is the intimacy, if you're not learning the skills for emotional intimacy, you're going to get divorced, kids will get divorced and we'll see more and more single mothers. >> and when we come back karl rove and the right wing and starting up a group.
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>> bill: thank you for staying with us tonight. karl rove with others took a big hit when president obama defeated mitt romney. the prediction in the election was wrong. he remains a major player within the republican party starting a committee called conservative vikt proi jekt. the problem some conservatives don't like it. >> who named karl rove queen
1:41 am
for the day? i don't remember karl rove. >> karl rove is a wheeler dealer. he's playing right into the hands of the democrat party. >> bottom line is that they zront a better record at picking winners than the quote, unquote amateur tea party types do. and when they pick winners, what do we end up winning? we get squishy republican moderates. >> bill: joining us now is karl rove. i don't know why they're upset. you just want republicans to win, right? >> yes. yes. right. >> well, look. i was the director of the texas campaign for ronald reagan, fall of 1980 appointed
1:42 am
by president reagan to sit on white house fellows selection panel. i didn't meet him but he wanted to know where the heck i was then, well that, is where i was. let's be clear about what this is about. conservative victory project is an outgrowth of desire donors of american cross roads to get involved in primaries. rush said we zront a better roord than the tea party. i've been involved and gave money to marco rubio early in his campaign. i gave money early to pat toomey. went and gave a speech to a group of pennsylvania donors. i gave money to tim scott, a tea party republican candidate from south carolina who i met. but cross roads has not been involumed in primaries. what they have been doing is spending a lot of money on behalf of tea party candidates
1:43 am
and over $25 million for house candidates. >> i believe any time you hold up. >> we spent $5.9 million for richard murdock to spend $3.3 kblinl in missouri until todd akin said ady knows when she's been legitimately raped. and our donors said we've got to do a better job of getting better conservative candidates you made mistake buzz everybody makes mistakes but there is a difference from say, a christine owe donnel in delaware. do you remember christine? big star among tea party people. but the woman couldn't put three jentss together and got
1:44 am
her butt kicked by a very weak candidate, right? and there is a difference between people on far right that don't do appeal to some american that's don't have, look. this is about ideology. marco rubio is a strong candidate. >> but he's -- . >> he's a moderate republican. >> rand paul is -- right. look. we gave more money, spent more money on behalf of the candidates than any other group in america, any group. i love the groups saying they're fake conservatives. we spent $30 million for tea party senate candidates there is no group coming close to what cross roads has done in terms of financial support. >> we -- it's not the question
1:45 am
tea party or not but whether or not they're a bad candidate or not. we're talking a lot of conservative groups getting involved in primaries. there are groups out there saying look. let's sit down to figure out if we can do a better job. even groups involved in primaries. i'm a friend of scott walker. i went and spoke at the convention that nominated him. do you think he's a conservative? one group opposed him for nomination for governor. so even conservative groups don't get it right. the issue is can we begin to do a better job so we target our money and resources better behind it? and get candidates who can win the general election? >> so most conservative candidate that can win it poor ashley judd, come on. now, making fub of her saying she's. >> by using her comments
1:46 am
saying i'm deliciously radical saying abusive things about president obama who lost kentucky bay large double digit gap. she's way far out on the left wing of the democratic party.. >> and why spending money so earl sfli. >> we spent 10,000ses today put it on the internet. $2500 into the ad. we don't want to have happen in connecticut -- ket kt what happened in minnesota. where al franken knew, i need to have a short campaign. i don't want people to know a lot about me except i'm a celebrity and a nice guy. she doesn't want a long campaign. because this is just the opening story and ad. she's said a bunch of stuff people of kentucky are not going to like. we're going to layout oit out in time for people to get a
1:47 am
handle on it. she's going to get to know, not going to be able to wait until the screen writers from california and producers make her look good and prepare ads and give her lines to memorize. we're going to make her start saying... >> and what if you make her cry? >> look. o'reilly, only you can be concerned with making a political figure cry. we want her to explain these views she's got in the weeks and months ahead. >> karl rove, everybody, there he s jesse waters on deck. we sent waters out of florida to get exposure, he got it with naked people. waters world moments away.
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>> bill: as you may know our pal jesse has gone where few men will ever go. places like the red carpet at the oscars. recently he's been asking me for more social time. >> we're in major debt right now. >> why do you think people are up skpet have a sense of urgency about the fiscal state of the country? >> i think they're starting to realize it's a problem and it's something everybody needs to be involved in. >> spending and deficit needs to be under control. >> i have my concerns but... i do believe we have a person at
1:52 am
the helm of the nation. let's steer it in the right direction. >> is it getting cold in here? >> not to me. >> what do you think the temperature is? >> one. >> why are you wearing a pink shirt? >> it's flesh colored. i don't like to get naked in front of another man. >> a lot of spending and a lot of debt. are you concerned about that? >> i think that... um... i zront a lot of money to begin with. but i did vote for obama. >> we're down right now as a country. >> we need to get back to we the people. less government. >> we're doomed, doomed. >> i don't know if it's really records r record spending. i'm not really sure about that. >> is there anything about the president that concerns you?. >> that he's trying to bring the country into the right direction. >> i'm concerned about gun control issue. everybody in florida wants their guns. >> i think he's doing a fair job considering what he had to
1:53 am
come into. >> we wish him the best. >> he had four years, got four more, let's do it. >> maybe. >> think, think. why don't you think. >> what are you happy about? >> he's trying to move us out of the problems that republicans got us into in the first place. >> more government, less to worry about. >> why do you think this is in with president obama. >> main stream media is to control and brain wash the american public. anyone wants to go, can go. anyone that wants to stay, can stay. >> you're like the nude glenn beck. >> are you a factor fan? >> yes. >> what is the best part about
1:54 am
the show for you personally? >> i like what you calls people out on things. >> i think he's ridiculous. i don't enjoy the show you think bill is ridiculous? >> yes. >> you think bill is ridiculous. >> yes. >> bill is looking out for you bill, you better be looking up here. >> i will be watching you what is your favorite part of "the factor"? >> probably talking points and jesse waters. >> surprise, surprise! >> now that is, here now is waters. that is west coast of florida? >> yes. just north of tampa. >> is it like a hotel? >> you can do one night or a week or you can buy a condo there. >> you can buy a condo. >> three quarters of a million dollars, you can live there. >> do you have to be naked? >> they call it clothing optional. i exercised optional part. >> thank god. >> yes. >> i thought you're going to be heavy on the pins like you
1:55 am
don't have a problem with concealed weapon autos they did say gun control is their major issue. >> they're packing heat down there. >> they're not packing anything. >> bill: was it hard for you to, you know? >> very hard. i kept eye contact up here. i was trained. >> bill: i told to you do that. >> you told me to keep eye contact high. >> bill: seems like they were friendly, nice people. >> one of the friendliest group of people. >> bill: do you why? >> why? >> bill: they had nothing to hide. if you don't have anything to hide, you're friendly. jess eye waters got paid to do that. got paid. in just a moment factor tip of the day. the tip, 60 seconds to go. >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the
1:56 am
best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair. >> announcer: hair club offers all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose, hair club will apply the purchase price to another proven hair loss solution or transplant more hair at no charge. >> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free brochure at no obligation. it will tell you everything you need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years younger. >> i'm 52 and i look better now than i did when i was in my 40s. >> i feel great. >> announcer: and that's not all! the first 100 people who call will also receive $250 off any hair loss solution from hair club. call now! [♪...] >> bill: factor tip of the day,
1:57 am
left wing after me, again. first we have nifty stuff for you on i love my country mugs. also, it's a little trimpkett that will brighten up valentine's day for you z three best selling books write endearment in them, they'll like you for you it. now,... >> mr. o'reilly, why?
1:58 am
she's debating me. bill as a teacher dealing with young students he i was offended to hear you blame us. >> i didn't do that. i didn't do it. my talking points is posted on fox news web site. reread it. >> every good teacher knows there will be students who have derelict parents so they have to teach all students to behave respectfully and hold them accountable with f.they don't that. is not being done in many public schools, and you know it.
1:59 am

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